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getattentionRudman Consulting Ltd is a paperless company – please communicate with us digitally if you can (our amazing planet will appreciate it – as well as us!)

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Rudman Consulting is a Private Limited Company: SC354544.
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  Vicky wrote @

Hi Hannah,

I was passed your details from Dianne at GGA. We’re currently looking into subscribing to SMS messaging in that we would like to be able to send outbound messages to alert choir members etc of last minute changes etc.

Would you have any recommendations for this?

Many thanks,


  envirodigital wrote @

Hi Vicky –
Please look at the answers in the forum suggested on this topic in the project I lead – AmbITion’s – online social network. If no answers fit exactly, please ask the question to the community and the Digital Doctors, I’m sure you’ll get a healthy response.

  Philip wrote @

Hi Hannah,

I have been passed your details by Julie at AMA and Emma at Courtney Consulting. We offer digital 3D interpretation and interactive services that address some typical intellectual, physical and social engagement barriers for underrepresented audiences. We also cater for a wider range of sectors including online education and facilities management. My question relates to targeted and cost effective Cultural marketing – How do we attract the right audience?

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